Paris. View of Tour Montparnasse

We can see the south of Paris from a bird’s-eye view. The camera is located in the major shopping complex of Beaugrenelle. In addition to the general panorama of the city, we can see Tour Montparnasse, an important sight in the capital of France.

This building was revolutionary for its bulkiness for the middle of the last century and is the only skyscraper in the center of Paris. The construction lasted for several years and in 1972, the 57-storey tower was finished. The height of the construction is 210 meters.

For many years, there were heated debates regarding the architectural appeal of Montparnasse in the center of this beautiful city. As a result, two years after finishing the project, it was decided that construction of such structures in the central areas of Paris should be banned.

People often joke about the building, saying that it has the best view of the city because you can’t see Montparnasse while you’re inside Montparnasse. In many rankings, this skyscraper occupies the first place in the list of the ugliest buildings of the XX century.