Saint-Malo. The Quay. Cathedral of Saint Vincent and Chateau of Saint-Malo

This webcam is located in Saint-Malo, a port city in the northwestern part of romantic France, right at the shore of the famous English Channel. In the very remote past, this place was chosen by the pirates as a shelter from the dangers of the ocean (and the official navy, due to the severe ocean life). Many famous seafarers were from Saint-Malo by origin, for example, brave Jacques Cartier, who today counts to be the official discoverer of Canada.

As we can see in present days, the city has recently become a very popular tourist destination, which offers its visitors many ancient monuments and attractions. Our webcam captures the view over the walled port city. Architecture of Saint-Malo’s grey stone walls reminds us of the severe British fortifications. Five unapproachable gates lead inside the fortress and provide perfect defense under any conditions. In the very centre of the city lies its main landmark, the Cathedral of Saint Vincent. It was built in the distant 1160, and is one of the oldest symbols of Saint-Malo.

Great differences in the rise and fall of sea levels are typical for this region. You can observe how a local beach serves as an improvised football ground for children at low tide. A very beautiful and unusual view, actually.