Strasbourg. Strasbourg Cathedral. Cathedral Square

The square that you see on the screen is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. Judge for yourself, the giant Strasbourg Cathedral is surrounded by many museums and buildings which are considered to be architectural treasures of France. Here is the school, Fustel De Coulanges, as well as a number of half-timbered houses, and on the north side of the square is a skillfully painted Maison Kammerzell of the XV century.

At any time of the year, on the square, you can see the visitors who decided to look personally at the major sights of Strasbourg. And, of course, the Cathedral, in front of which the camera is installed, is worth attention.

Strasbourg Cathedral had been the tallest building in the world for several centuries! So far, it is the world’s largest building made of sandstone. Its construction began at the beginning of the last millennium but, for many centuries, the cathedral was constantly rebuilt, which changed its appearance. If you have a look at this webpage in December, you will surely see the Christmas fair, which is held on the square in front of the Cathedral every year.