Yzeron. Panoramic View

The commune of Yzeron is located near Lyon in the rocky mountains, towering over the surrounding area at an altitude of 750 meters. Members of the commune earn mainly at the expense of agriculture – most of the locals work at huge berry plantations and orchards.

Since the middle of the last century, French people, tired of the bustle of the city, love to relax here. True French landscapes, numerous walking paths, as well as crystal-clear lake Ronze, are the main attractions of these places. Many inhabitants of Yzeron (on the state of 2013, there were only 1015 people), have quickly realized that one can make good money on tourism, and started to remodel their houses into hotels.

Now in Yzeron, you can get a hotel room for the price of ~$100 per night. Luxury rooms cost a double price. In addition to stunning natural environment, there are also man-made attractions – a museum, a cathedral and a medieval cemetery.