Bora Bora. The beach of Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

In the background, we can see the mountains of the leeward island of Bora Bora. The atoll of Bora Bora has the classical form; the central mountain is surrounded by a coral reef with a lot of motu. An amazing underwater world, where you can see the most unusual fish and aquatic plants, is awaiting tourists in the lagoons of these islands.

On the island, you have an opportunity to travel on all-terrain vehicles. Most tourists who come to Bora Bora are American and Japanese. In front of us is a typical accommodation of the resort, the main buildings of Pearl Beach Resort & Spa are on the land, and the “Lux” villas on stilts are situated in the lagoon.

Motu Mute Airport is close to Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, five kilometers north of the hotel. Between the parts of the island, tourists travel by motor boat standard routes, or rent a boat for the duration of the holiday.