Augsburg. St. Peter's Church

We can see the main attractions of the German city of Augsburg. On the right, you can see the City Hall, which gave the name to the square we see on the screen. On the left is the church of St. Peter, the tower of which rises not only over the square but over the whole city. This is a “remake” too, as well as the City Hall.

The church blends harmoniously with the architectural ensemble of the square, due to the quality of reconstruction of the building after the devastation of the bombing. Tourists are attracted by the rich interior of the church, so in good weather, the flow of excursion groups does not run low in the center of Augsburg.

The height of the spire of the church is seventy meters. The tower was built in the last millennium and served as a sentry lookout. The observation deck is located at an altitude of sixty meters, to which 258 steps lead.