Bad Harzburg. City View

In front of us is a city at the foothills of the German Harz National Park. Bad Harzburg is unique for its climate, which combines the alpine and forest air. The ancient castles of the third century BC were found there; well-documented history of the city starts at the beginning of the first millennium, when Henry IV built the first settlement here.

Two centuries ago, Bad Harzburg became a popular health resort in Germany. They began to build casinos, hotels, spas and even racetracks for horse racing. All thanks to the unique salt baths, which can be taken at local spas.

This city is known among many residents of East Germany, who flooded the city after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1989, about three hundred thousand people arrived here!

In this small town, you can find some interesting attractions: churches, the museum, and the golf course, popular among the inhabitants of Saxony.