Bad Reichenhall. Panorama of the City from Hochstaufen

From Hochstaufen Mountain, we are looking at the German town, Bad Reichenhall, near the Austrian border. The camera is installed in a mountain hut, Reichenhaller Haus am Hochstaufen. All travelers are sure to be told the legend of the two hunters on the mountain of Hochstaufen, who were turned to stone because of their mockery of religious people.

Near the huts is a small chapel, they can be found on almost any alpine peak.

A sad story is associated with the hut; in 1993, the innkeeper became the victim of a robbery and was killed. Now, Reichenhaller Haus am Hochstaufen is a popular guest house. Everything needed is delivered by helicopter, so the supplies of food and drinks are always full.

The main thing here is the city of Bad Reichenhall. At the time of the Roman Empire, large salt deposits were found here, so the history of this place dates back to AD. Now Bad Reichenhall is known as a major sanatorium resort with mineral springs for drinking and bathing.