Büsum. City Center

Büsum is the third-largest German resort off the coast of the North Sea. We are looking at one of the central streets of the city, Alleeshtrasse. On it, there are restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, and shops, which are mostly visited by tourists.

As you can see, the street is almost completely pedestrian, and the rest of the tourist streets of the German resort are becoming like this too.

Initially, the city was on an island, but gradually moved to mainland Germany, because after the flood of the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries, the island almost completely went under water. Tourism in Büsum started to develop in the nineteenth century. In 1818 they started to install special fonts for tourists.

Büsum is known all over the country, not only for its beaches, but also the production of special varieties of shrimp, which are bought by fancy restaurants all over Germany. The development of the local port is connected with the production of shrimp.