Dresden. Prohliser Alley

The Prohlis region, in the southeast of Dresden, is an example of classical provincial Germany with its measured and unhurried flow of life. You should not be surprised at the development of the district, as you will not find stunning German architecture here. In the last century, Prohlis was built up with typical Soviet high-rise buildings, so from time to time, it would seem to tourists from the post-Soviet space that they are still in their hometown.

The camera is installed on Prohliser Alley, next to the swimming pool. Behind dense trees and shrubs, you can see the trams approaching the nearest Dresden Georg-Palitzsch-Straße stop. On the Prohliser Alley, you can take tram routes 1, 9, and 13.

However, Prohlis has significant historical heritage. Not all of it has survived to the present day, for example, the main attraction of the area, Prohlis Castle, was demolished in 1985 after a big fire. The first mention of Prohlis dates back to the end of the 13th century, so there are quite a few historical buildings. Of particular interest are the old residential quarters, where medieval German architecture is well preserved.

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