Düsseldorf. The Burgplatz, the Embankment and the Rheiknie Bridge

This webcam is located in the beautiful city of Dusseldorf in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The webcam shows us the central city square called Burgplatz. Here stands the city symbol, the old tower of the Dusseldorf Castle. It is the only surviving part of the castle and it houses today the Navigational museum of Dusseldorf.

The Burgplatz is a definite “must see” when it comes to proper sightseeing. Its historical and architectural value becomes more obvious when we see its important function in the city’s modern life. This is the place where different shows, events and trades are usually arranged. Located in the central district of Dusseldorf Burgplatz, also features a wonderful promenade with a view over the Rhine.

On the west side of the River Rhine lies Oberkassel. It is a modern city district where every year the famous Oberkassel Fair is held.