Mittenwald. The View of the Community from Mount Karwendel

The camera on top of the cable car station, Karwendelbahn, shows us a panorama of the town of Mittenwald, located at the foot of Mount Karwendel. The border between Austria and Germany goes through the top of the mountain. It is dangerous to walk between the two countries, because only narrow paths run between high cliffs and precipices.

There are no special skiing trails on the slopes of Karwendel. However, its lift is often used by snowboarders and skiers, because this mountain is a great place for freeride. This nominal track or, rather, the route of Dammkar is one of the most spectacular slopes of the Alps.

For the safety of tourists, the latest information about the availability of the ski slope and the lift can be found here.

The town of Mittenwalde may also surprise tourists. In addition to a large selection of hotels, you will also find classic European streets and houses, as well as ancient monuments and buildings, such as the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.