Munich. The Panoramic View of the City and The Olympiapark

This webcam is located in Munich, the capital and largest city of Bavaria and a place, which for many of us functions a complete synonym of the word “the best of German bear”. The camera has a great panoramic view over the center of the city and captures the everyday life of its streets.

The average low-rised shape of Munich is cut in two by the О2 skyscraper that lies in Uptown München. On the eastern side of the picture, we can observe the Olympiapark, built for the 1972 Summer Olympics. It is hard to imagine that this modern park is over 40 years old. Its green territory hides the Olympic Stadium and the Swimming Hall. Today the park has become a very popular place for recreation and local young people love to come here with a skateboard or bicycle.

The headquarters of Bayerische Motoren Werke, known worldwide under a much shorter name “BMW”, are situated not far from here. The four towers have the shape of four cylinders in a car engine. The museum lies in the next building, representing a cylinder head. Crowds of tourists come to visit this museum every day. Some of them want to learn more about the interesting history of the company, others just crave for a short look at the most modern of the modern sports cars.