Norddeich. The Embankment

The cameras in the German resort of Norddeich show the coastal zone. We can see the beach and the city’s port. Domestic tourism is mostly developed here, so you rarely hear any other but the German language in Norddeich.

The resorts on the islands of the North Sea are more popular than on mainland Germany. That is why we see a lot of ferries in the port. They carry tourists to the resorts of the East Frisian Islands.

Within a ten minute walk from the observation deck of the restaurant, where one of the webcams is installed, is a railway station. Tourists come here and then go to the islands of Norderney and Juist.

In addition to sandy beaches and a developed tourist infrastructure, guests will be pleasantly surprised by the National Park, Lower-Saxon Vattmeer, the main attraction of which is the seal rookery.