Osnabrueck. Panorama of the City and its Surroundings from Mount Pisberg

The camera is installed in the north of Osnabrück, on the mountain near the Pisberg cement batching plant, CEMEX Kies & Splitt GmbH. There is a viewing platform and wind generators of various heights on the mountain. You can see some of them on your screen.

The city is far away, but we can explore the surroundings of Osnabrück, such as Lehtingen, Ruller and Haste. All these areas are densely populated.

On a clear day, you can see other windmills in different suburbs of Osnabrück. Renewable energy sources have long been developed, even in small European towns.

On the observation deck, where this camera is installed, you can find useful information about the sights and archaeological finds in the region, and you can use powerful binoskopoms (stationary viewing binoculars).