Osnabrueck. The Town Hall

The camera is in the heart of Osnabrück, on the Market Square in front of the Town Hall and St. Mary’s Church. It is not difficult to guess that the town hall is on the left, and the church is on the right. City celebrations and festivals, as well as Christmas fairs, are held on the square.

The Town Hall was built at the turn of the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries. Built in the late Gothic style, it is one of the symbols of the city. The interior of the town hall had been completed for 70 years by the time construction was finished in 1505. By the way, the mayor’s office of Osnabrück is still there.

The statue of Karl the Great is above the entrance. There are also the statutes of Friedrich II, William I, Rudolf I, Maximilian I, Frederick I Barbarossa and Ludwig II. All these statues were a gift of the Prussian Royal House and appeared on the town hall in the nineteenth century.

In 2015, the Town Hall received the title of the monument of European Architectural Heritage.