Quedlinburg. Panorama of the city

You should look in Quedlinburg to find the true antiquity of old German cities. We can see several historic buildings, the oldest of which were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the town center are about fifteen hundred houses, the age of which exceeds 600 years. People still live in these unique buildings.

In Quedlinburg, you will find castles and museums, an old town hall, a church and buildings with a lot of history. There are also houses that are more than 1000 years old, built under Henry I, who had a temporary royal palace here.

In the market square is the town hall, built in 1310, and next to it is a statue of Roland, symbolizing market rights and trade relations. On the Schlossberg hill, next to the town, are the monastery buildings, another highlight of Quedlinburg.

It would take a long time to tell about all the interesting places that are worth visiting in this German city, so it is better to use the services of professional guides, conducting daily tours in several languages.