Drama. Panorama of the City

The hill, from which we observe the Greek Drama, towers over the city at 400 meters. But it is only part of a huge mountain, Falakro, on which is a ski resort at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. The maximum height of Falakro reaches 2232 meters.

Drama is an integral part of the Hellenic world of the classical era and visitors can find castles and other historical objects here. The town’s name has nothing to do with the genre of literature or film, because the original settlement was called Hidrama, which means “rich in water.”

The camera is installed in a local flying club, Aiolos. Members of this club take off from one of the sites on the hills, in the vicinity of Drama, and land right in the city. To be more precise, not far from it, near the bypass road. Here, club members can get all the necessary licenses to fly on their own in the future.