Santorini Island (Thera). Panoramic View over the Island

This webcam is located in one of the most romantic places of the world, on the island of Santorini. The coastal line of the island consists of endless charming small bays. Each and every one of them features stunning sunsets and breathtaking sea views. So to say, all what you need when in love, can be found on this island. Along with wonderful wine and tiny restaurants.

It’s hard to believe that this romantic place is, actually, just remains of an enormous volcanic eruption. Wonderful pictures of Santorini, with numerous whitewashed small houses covering the volcanic slopes, are spread today all over the world leaving nobody indifferent to the beauties of this sea resort.

Our webcam is turned in the eastern direction and captures the charming villages of Finika and Oia. This place features one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island (maybe even on the earth!). Every day many tourists come here, first of all, to enjoy the spectacular view of the beautiful sun going down, and after that, to have a glass or two of young Greek wine in one of the local wine cellars.