West Bay. Beach

The camera of Las Rocas Resort hotel shows one of the beaches in West Bay of Roatan Island. Tourists often confuse West Bay and West End, although the first is a huge area, and the second is only a small paved road with hotels and shops along it.

Hotel Las Rocas has its own dive center, so fans of thrills often stop there. Diving is inexpensive, if you stay in this hotel, as the guests of Las Rocas have good discounts. For example, diving training costs $559 a week.

West Bay Beach is full of white sand and surrounded by the second largest barrier reef. This makes West Bay one of the best places in the world for adventures under water. One of the biggest attractions of the resort is a great boat, The Coral Reef Explorer, created specifically for the study of reefs. Tourists, who do not want to swim under water with an aqualung, can see all the beauty of coral reefs through the windows in the underwater part of the boat.