Budapest. Danube River Excursion Boat

The camera is installed on a Duna Corso vessel, on which they conduct river trips around Budapest, telling stories about the old town of Buda, which is located on the west bank of the river, and of Pest, located on the eastern shore.

It is not difficult to go on a mini-cruise along the Danube; every hour pleasure boats depart from this place. For tourists who do not want to sit in the hot sun, there are comfortable seats and air conditioning on the lower deck. The tour is conducted in any of the 11 offered languages, so you can accurately grasp all the interesting facts about this European city.

An adult ticket costs about 10 euros and its cost includes drinks that you will be offered throughout the tour. Tourists who have already been on this unusual tour almost always come back again, because Budapest in the day and Budapest at night are like two completely different cities, but both of them are great.