Kaposvár. The Center of the City

Kaposvár is located in the southwestern part of Hungary and is one of the oldest cities in the country. First records about it are dating back to the year of 1009, when the borders of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pécs were defined. First castle appeared in this area only in the 15th century, but did not help to protect the city from the invasion of the Turks and following hundred years long occupation.

Kaposvár became an important industrial hub during the 19th century, while it stood on the railway line opened between Buda and Zagreb.

We are now looking at the very center of the city. On the opposite side of the street, you can observe the building of the popular restaurant Le Bistroyal. Our webcam is located on the facade of the Hotel Pálma Panzió. In the left part of the picture is seen one of the local offices of Otpbank.