Auronzo di Cadore. At the Top of the Agudo Mountain

This breathtaking mountain view opens from windows of the Rifugio Monte Agudo Restaurant, located on the slopes of the Mountain Agudo in the beautiful Italian province of Belluno. Webcam is turned in the direction of the famous mountain range Tre Cime di Lavaredo (something that means in Italian “three peaks of Lavaredo”) and the region of Giralba. You can use a special lift and get to the peak right from Auronzo di Cadore.

Every year during the winter season Agudo attracts numerous enthusiasts of alpine skiing and snowboarding. In total, this ski resort offers about 10 ski slopes of different difficulty and length, suitable for skiers of different levels.

When you plan your trip to Auronzo di Cadore, do not forget about the beautiful lake of Misurina. Relaxing views over the water and high peaks await you in the charming Italian province.