Bari. Marisabella Dock

Bari is an Italian city with an interesting relationship with Victory Day. In Europe, Victory Day is either celebrated on the 8th of May or not celebrated at all, and Italians usually have nothing to celebrate anyway. In Bari, however, Victory Day falls on May 9th, and the city is happy to celebrate. The Russian population in particular rejoices in the day’s festivities.

We highly recommend that you visit Bari, as the city is very ancient and is packed with attractions. There are a lot of outstanding architectural monuments, including the castle, the Basilica, and the ancient theater, as well as many worthwhile museums. In addition, the city is interesting and well-zoned; the areas found most interesting by tourists, such as Old Town, are located on the peninsula between two harbors, while the comparatively less interesting industrial zone is located deep into the mainland, out of sight.