Brixen. Cathedral Square

In front of us is the center of the Italian city of Bressanone. This is one of the oldest cities of South Tyrol, founded at the end of the first millennium. It is interesting, that the local population mostly speaks German and only about 30% are Italian.

The main attraction of the central square and the entire city (you can recognize it in the picture for sure) is the Cathedral of Brixen. The camera is installed in the opposite building, in Handelskammer, the chamber of commerce. Due to the fact that the city square has a very modest size, the locals like to relax there because the summer verandas of local restaurants are open around the perimeter of the square, which makes it cozy.

The Cathedral was built in the same century as the city itself, but has been repeatedly rebuilt and restored. Tourists will also be interested in the Bishop’s Palace of the thirteenth century, built in the Renaissance style, the church of San Michele of the eleventh century, and the castles Rodengo, Tasso and Castel Forte, located near the city.