Cattolica. Port

The Italian province of Rimini is a huge resort, which consists of many small settlements. They are united by the sandy beach of the Adriatic Sea, which stretches along the province for tens of kilometers. We can see the port of the city of Cattolica. Now it is a popular resort, but in Roman times on the territory of Cattolica fishing was the main source of income of the local population.

Tourists coming to the Italian resorts are well aware that they can not only enjoy a beach holiday, but also see a lot of attractions scattered across the country. For example, in Cattolica there is St. Apollinaris Church of the XII century, the Malatesta Tower of the XV century, the Royal Museum and the Gallery of the Holy Cross (they appeared in the XVI century), the Watchtower and the popular aquarium “Le Navi”.

Residence Fiorella hotel offers the view of the port of Marinai d’Italia, of Gabicce Mare beach and of a fountain made in the shape of a ship.