Chieti. View of Chieti Scalo

The Italian city of Chieti is divided into two parts. Due to the local topography, Alta district is located on a hill, and the area of Chieti Scalo is located under it. It is the upper area that offers stunning views of this Italian region.

The camera is installed at Grande Albergo Abruzzo, the top floors of which give the impression that you are on the brink between the lower and upper parts of the city. In fact, the transition from one part to another is a low-grade road, along which there are also residential areas.

The lower area is the main traffic artery of the city, because it contains several major highways and a railroad. Alta District is a historic part of the city where there are many attractions: palaces, squares, towers and other interesting buildings.

But the most interesting part of Chieti is hidden under the ground! During archaeological investigations, an entire underground city, which existed in the days of the Roman civilization, was discovered.