Florence. Ponte Vecchio (The Old Bridge)

View over Ponte Vecchio from the side of the Hotel Madame Tina.

Ponte Vecchio is one of the most famous bridges of the world. It is the oldest bridge in the entire city of Florence. It represents a Medieval stone closed-spandrel arch bridge, consisting of three segmental arches. Ponte Vecchio spans the Arno River at the river’s narrowest point. Bridge’s upper part connects the Palazzo Vecchio with the Palazzo Pitti and is known as the Vasari Corridor.

Initially occupied by butchers, today Ponte Vecchio hosts jewelry and art-shops, along with souvenir sellers. That is why the bridge is also known under the name “Golden Bridge”.

Ponte Vecchio has seen a lot and its life was very long and interesting. It survived during the World War II (truly because of the direct order from Hitler), but was severely damaged in 1966 during the flood of the Arno River.