Francavilla al Mare. Beach

Francavilla al Mare is one of the most popular resorts in the Italian region of Abruzzo. It is close to the airport where the tourists who have chosen to spend their vacation on the Adriatic Sea coast fly to. Many people come here precisely because there is no need to spend time and money on an additional shuttle service (a taxi would take you to Francavilla al Mare for the relatively small amount of 30-40 euros).

Clean beaches, breakwaters, the beautiful sea — all of this we can see from Lido Il Faro beach equipment rental. Previously, at these rental points, there were special places that served the bathers. At the beginning of the last century, so-called Stabilimento balneare offered services of dressing, washing before and after bathing, as well as entrance to the sea from special carts that went directly into the water. That was done c the aristocracy in order to not soil their feet in the sand.

Like many other places in Italy, Francavilla al Mare has a very rich history that fascinates tourists; countless attractions might be interesting to any vacationer.