Giaveno. Panorama of the City

The Italian city of Giaveno is located in the valley of several mountains, such as Cugno dell’Alpet and San Giorgio. We can see one of the peaks of San Giorgio on the right. Parco Naturale di interesse provinciale is situated on this mountain.

Another mountain, Cugno dell’Alpet, is known as a popular ski resort, the routes of which begin at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level.

Giaveno’s population is only sixteen thousand people, while the city’s total area is about seventy square kilometers.

It is worth mentioning that the classic Italian architecture, which interests curious tourists, has been preserved in the historical center of the city.

At night, between the mountains in the background, you can see the lights of other cities of Turin, such as Orbassano, Sangano and Bruino.