Matera. Piazza Vittorio Veneto

The small Italian town of Matera has a population of about 60 thousand and may be familiar to you. Many directors choose to shoot films here. For example, this is where they shot the crucifixion scene in The Passion of the Christ.

Another distinctive feature of the city are the unusual grooves that you can see on the Vittorio Veneto Square, the result of the old part of the city being carved out of the rock. The construction of this city is believed to have begun in the XIII century. The unique rock town was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The square is a kind of bridge between the old town and the modern Matera.

During the excavations, special tanks meant to supply the town with water were found under the square. The underground city of Sassi is a unique Italian attraction, which you should visit if you’re not far from Matera.