Riva del Garda. View over the Lake from the Embankment

We are now observing the beautiful Lake Garda from the point of Riva del Garda embankment. High mountains are stretching alongside the entire waterfront.

At the foot of this vertical rock lies a small village of Corno di Reamol. The settlement consists of several houses, a hotel and a petrol station, all placed by the motor road that runs along the Lake Garda.

This beautiful lake, captured by our webcam, is one of the popular Italian destinations for yachting and sailing. Almost at any time, we can observe numerous vessels on the expanse of this lake.

Fishing is another popular activity on Garda. Lake features an admirable biodiversity, including the rare Lake Garda carpione, chub, bull-trout, carps, eel, codfish, perch, pike and tench.