Sottomarina. Sottomarina Resort

Italy is a unique country for tourists who like to diversify their leisure. For lovers of architecture, there is Rome, Milan, Venice and other cities with rich histories, and beach lovers can visit Rimini, Sottomarina and many other resorts. Sottomarina has everything that a resort needs — hundreds of hotels, beach holidays, water attractions, football and volleyball fields and a huge beach with full service.

The commune of Chioggia in the province of Venice is located not far from the famous city on the water, and many tourists come here to sunbathe under the hot Italian sun after visiting Venice. The resort Sottomarina in Chioggia is one of the most visited in Italy.

You can see the coastline of the resort, which connects dozens of beaches. The camera is installed at the Park Hotel. This is a modest three-star hotel. It’s one of the cheapest accommodations in the vicinity of the beach; the price for a double room is less than €100 per night.