Torgnon. Cross-country ski tracks

We can see atypical ski runs for Italian Valle d’Aosta. In other areas of this region, you can find huge ski slopes, but in Torgnon, there is a cross-country ski track and routes for Nordic Walking.

We can see a small stadium of the ski school and several tracks that go to the mountains or to the forest. The stadium is visited mostly by young athletes, as adults prefer to ski down picturesque mountain ski tracks. Next to the ski school is the large restaurant, Lo Vierdzà.

In clear weather, high mountain peaks are seen in the background of the image, including Castor, a peak in the Pennine Alps on the border of Italy and Switzerland, the height of which is 4,228 meters above sea level. Torgnon is at an altitude of only 870 meters.

In addition to the ski runs, Torgnon is known all over the world thanks to the production of the Italian half-hard Fontina cheese.

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