Venice. View of San Marco Bay

The bay of San Marco was named in honor of the eponymous cathedral, located on the main square in Venice. In turn, St. Mark’s Cathedral is named in honor of the Apostle, whose relics are kept there. Huge cruise ships pass across the bay every day, stopping in Venice so that tourists from all over the world are able to see the city on the water.

Almost the entire embankment is full of hotels and restaurants. The cost of living in the hotel with such a stunning view is one of the highest in Venice. For example, accommodation in a single room at A Tribute To Music Residenza, where this webcam is installed, will cost tourists about €100 per night, and you will have to pay about €250 for the best rooms.

It could take a long time to describe everything that you see on the screen, because almost every building in Venice is an architectural landmark not only in Italy, but also in all of Europe, but we want to draw your attention to the white-stone Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. It was built in honor of deliverance from a terrible plague in Venice in the early XVII century. One of the peculiarities of the Basilica is that it is made in the form of an octahedron, and the roof is a double dome with windows.