Chiyoda. Panorama of the City from The Peninsula Tokyo Hotel

We can see a Tokyo shopping center, where there are an infinite number of shops and shopping centers, located in high skyscrapers. We are watching the turbulent life of the district of Chiyoda from the roof of the hotel, The Peninsula Tokyo. This premium-class hotel offers rooms on one of the 24 floors and the chic service is fully consistent with the price.

If you visit this page when evening comes to Tokyo, you will be amazed by the vibrant night life of the city, which never sleeps.

Periodically, the camera grabs close-ups of Tokyo Skytree, the highest television tower in the world, located in the Sumida district. Its height with the antenna is 634 meters. The new tower has assumed all the functions of the old Tokyo television tower, which was almost two times shorter and could not provide upper floors of skyscrapers in Tokyo with a digital signal.

Still, the main attraction of Chiyoda is not the modern architecture and shopping centers, it’s Tokyo Imperial Palace. The total area of the palace, along with all gardens, is more than 7 square kilometers!

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