Miyazaki. Route 10

In the vast web of roads in the southern Japanese city of Miyazaki, we can see Route 10, which connects the city to the Higashikyushu highway. This highway stretches nearly the entire east coast of Kyushu region. The camera looks at the road from the office of Youing Media City, which supplies equipment for major media events.

Like in many towns of the region, the electronics market plays a major part in the economy of Miyazaki. Since the city is located on the oceanfront, Miyazaki is considered a major resort with nice sandy beaches and all the necessary infrastructure for recreation. The bustling city is separated from the coastal zone by the impressive forest belt, so tourists can enjoy a very relaxing environment when they come from the center of Miyazaki to the beaches of the North Pacific Ocean.

Towards the end of the year, when most of the tourists are leaving for their homes, the Aki-no-Taisai parade is held in Miyazaki in honor of the Emperor of Japan.