Oshino. The Old Part of the City

Oshino is a village in Yamanashi Prefecture. First of all, tourists are interested in the springs of Mount Fuji located here, as well as the views of the mountain itself. These eight springs have long been a place of pilgrimage, they were identified with eight royal dragons. Also, there is a supposition that the lakes are the eight lakes of the religious teachings of Hasegawa Kakujio.

It’s no less interesting to look at the old part of Oshino-Muro, which the webcam makes possible. The whole village is torn up by drainage channels, making the unusable land (a former lake bottom) suitable for the cultivation of rice and other crops. There are traditional wooden houses covered with rice straw, wooden railings at the channels, and green hedges. Near the houses on the canals there are wheels, like in water mills.