Suginami. Shin-Oume Highway

This camera is located at the crossroads of Senkawa Dori and Kan-Pachi Dori in Suginami, a special ward in Tokyo. We are looking toward the large Shin-Oume Highway and the architectural dominant of the block, which is a tower built over an automobile tunnel.

With the help of the camera, you can estimate the traffic in Kan-Pachi Dori and the landscaping of this street. On both sides of the road, you can see the residential development of the block. The houses have an average number of floors, so they are very comfortable, even in such a densely populated city.

Not far from the house in which the camera is installed, you can find several parks, which are actively used by local residents. In many of them, tall trees are planted, such as in Igusamori Park. In addition to walking paths and small cafes, there are full-sized football pitches in such parks.

From the intersection, which we can see on the screen, to the central Tokyo station is 23 kilometers. The fastest way to get to Shin-Oume is by public transport along the Tyuyu Line.

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