Tokyo. Kabukichō

We are visiting one of the quarters of the Tokyo district of Shinjuku, Kabukichō. It is located in the western part of Tokyo, next to the Ōedo and Fukutoshin railway lines. The quarter is divided conditionally into two parts, the first and the second. The total population of both parts is about 2,500 people.

Kabukichō has gained popularity, thanks to the developed entertainment industry. Local cinemas, cafes, shops, and slot machines are known both among the people of Tokyo and among tourists. By the way, this camera is installed by the TOCACOCAN Studio, which holds art exhibitions in the quarter.

Kabukichō holds the unofficial status of “the best entertainment area of East Asia” due to its vibrant nightlife. The lights of local establishments burn all night, so if you are interested in Tokyo’s nightlife, come for a visit.

The name of the quarter is translated as Kabuki quarter. After the Second World War and the bombing of Tokyo, it was necessary to recreate the entire urban environment. One of the traditional Japanese theaters, Kabuki, was built in this area of the city. The performances of this theater are accompanied by singing, music, dancing, and drama.

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