Tokyo. Sensō-ji Temple

In front of us, there is a temple of the Buddhist school of Syo Kannon in Tokyo’s Asakusa Quarter. The full, official name of the Sensō-ji temple can be translated as “The Temple of young grass on the mountain of the gold dragon.” Its territory hosts the annual Hagoita Fair or “Rackets Fair”.

The temple is considered to be one of the oldest buildings in Tokyo. According to the legend, it was founded in the VII century AD. Surprisingly, it has survived to the present day and been through many wars, including the bombing of the Second World War. Because of those terrible events, Tokyo has few buildings over 50 years old.

Apart from the temple, Asakusa is famous for its large entertainment and shopping centers. They appeared thanks to an ancient tradition, when in the early XVIII century local residents were given the right to trade on the outskirts of the Sensō-ji Temple. Tourists love this area of Tokyo for its low prices and gladly spend thousands of yen on locally produced goods.

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