Huvahendhoo Island. Pier of Lily Beach Hotel

Huvahendhoo Island, located on one of the many atolls of the Maldives and close to the Hulhule International Airport, offers its guests a premium holiday “on the edge of the Earth.” You can get here only by a water vessel or a seaplane. The island is only 0.06 square kilometers, almost all of its territory is occupied by palm trees, and only a small part has beaches.

Lily Beach Resort & Spa is built on the water, close to the island. Villas and restaurants of the hotel are right over the water. A week stay in this “paradise” starts at $700 for a double room. Among the guests are many couples with children; you can leave your child with an experienced nanny in the children’s complex.

Lily Beach is called “affordable luxury” and indeed it is, as very often this hotel hosts weddings and parties. Active guests can also use the diving center of the island.