Cabo San Lucas. The Cape

Another camera is in the Mexican resort of Cabo San Lucas, which looks toward the mountains of Land’s End, El Arco, and the famous beaches, Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach (it’s very convenient, a couple can spend their first vacation on the first beach, and the last one — on the second).

Another natural attraction, Ultima Piedra (Last Stone) of Baja California, hides behind the mountain. Along one of the main beaches, which you can see on the right, are hotels and villas to rent for holidays.

Playa Grande Resort, Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos, and The Resort at Pedregal are just some of the popular hotels in Cabo San Lucas, which you can see on the screen. The camera is on Villa Bellissima, which is built in the rock. Not all the tourists can afford to rent the villa, because the price is about four thousand dollars per night!