Cabo San Lucas. Casa Dorada Los Cabos

The best hotels in Cabo San Lucas are built along the main beach, Medano. We can see the territory of one of these hotels on the screen.Casa Dorada Los Cabos is a four-star hotel on the beachfront. Two large swimming pools, which you see in the center of the screen, are not accidental, as the hotel consists of several multi-story buildings.

This accommodation option is ideal for beach lovers, because the way to the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean takes less than two minutes. Medano Beach is separated from the hotel only by a few cafes and restaurants. The rooms in this prestigious hotel start at $300 per night.

On the opposite side of the bay you can see a large mountain, Land’s End, which, in fact, is really the extreme and most southern point of the resort. Some other popular hotels of Cabo San Lucas are at its foot as well.