Cabo San Lucas. Land's End

We can see one of the main beaches of Cabo San Lucas and the mountain of Land’s End. As the name implies, this mountain is really situated on the very edge of the Earth (on the edge of Mexican Baja California). We are looking at the coast from the district of Pedregal. The camera is at Villa Pesasco, built on a high rock, against which the waves of the Pacific Ocean break.

In the center of the beach, we can see red high-rise buildings of Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa, one of the largest hotel complexes of the resort. The four-star hotel has rooms to suit every taste and the cost of rooms here start at $200 per night.

Closer to Pedregal is The Resort at Pedregal; its villas can be seen in the foreground. Many buildings of this five-star hotel are built on the hillside.