Chisinau. Panorama of the City. Ștefan cel Mare Boulevard

The rotating camera in the center of Chișinău is installed on the roof of the high-rise business center, Skytower. It is a modern building in front of the International University of Moldova. Located here are the main attractions of the capital of Moldova, many of them are on your screen.

Basically, we can see Ștefancel cel Mare and buildings along it: the Government House, the Triumphal Arch, and the library. At the end of the boulevard is a monument to Ștefan III the Great, one of the most prominent rulers of the Principality of Moldavia.

Just behind the monument is the city park. Another recreational area can be seen when the camera turns to the north, it’s Cathedral of the Nativity and Cathedral Park in the surrounding area.

Periodically, the camera zooms images and snatches close-ups of some of the sights of Chișinău center, such as the Triumphal Arch. If you think that the arch vaults were built incorrectly in relation to the Collegiality Park, you are wrong, because it is four-sided and looks equally good from every angle.