Amsterdam. The Magerebrug Bridge

This webcam is located in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The name of the city literally means “a dam of the river Amstel”.

Amsterdam is famous for its numerous canals and bridges. The number of the last is astonishing — 1281. The most famous bridge is captured by our webcam and is called Magere Bridge. The name of the bridge can be translated as “skinny bridge”. It is really quite narrow and was closed for cars in 2003. Today only pedestrians and bicyclists can use it.

Another version of the origins of the name Mager refers to an old story about two sisters who lived on opposite sides of the Amstel river and wanted to visit one another so often that they even built a bridge. Their last name was, of course, Mager.

It doesn’t matter, which version you prefer to choose because this bridge is definitely worth seeing live. Visit it during your lazy walk around Amsterdam.