Amsterdam. Schiphol Airport

The hotel in which this camera is installed is primarily designed for businessmen who are not interested in visiting the sights of the Netherlands capital. The Sheraton Amsterdam Airport. Schiphol is built at the airport, so from the windows of the rooms, you can only look at the planes taking off and landing.

Schiphol Airport was opened in 1916, but since that time it has significantly changed. Initially, on the site of the modern international airport, there was a military base. Since the end of 1920, civil flights began to operate here, and at that time, the airport was called Schiphol-les-bains.

As you can see, all the airport buildings are under one roof, which allowed Schiphol to be named to the list of the 20 largest facilities (by area). A single terminal is divided into 3 large halls, each of which has several landing piers.

Schiphol is famous for its convenient infrastructure. Services for passengers at the airport include libraries, equipped recreation areas, children’s playrooms, shops, and shopping centers. In 2006, it became possible to marry in Schiphol. By the way, a morgue was built near the unusual registry office.

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