Katwijk aan Zee. Beach

The Dutch resort of Katwijk is a union of several municipalities. In one of them, where the river Oude Rijn flows into the North Sea, this cam is located. The panoramic view that you see on the screen helps to get an idea of the sandy beaches of the resort.

Due to the fact that the coastline is very wide and has a great length, any number of vacationists find room here and all conditions have been created for them. Cafeterias and restaurants, beach accessories rentals, night clubs and entertainments for all tastes -all of this is Katwijk aan Zee.

Currently a process of gradual association of municipalities, forming the community of Katwijk, is taking place. Local residents can only welcome this association, because thanks to the common efforts it will be possible to create the necessary infrastructure for the development of the resort more actively. Most of the local population is working in the tourism sector.

Katwijk aan Zee also has some famous natives, for example, the legendary Dutch footballer Dirk Kuyt was born there.