Lemmer. View from the Reformed Church

Webcams in Lemmer are specially installed for tourists so that potential visitors of the city would be able to see the local channels, restaurants and recreational vessels. At first glance, this place attracts attention and one wants to see firsthand the neat pedestrian zones, houses that have been there for hundreds of years, and of course to have a ride on a boat or yacht.

The camera is mounted on the tower of the local Reformed Church, which was built at the beginning of the XVIII century to replace the old church, which had already severely dilapidated and outdated. On the tower, there is the clock, which in turn is a separate attraction of Lemmer.

Almost all the shops along Zijlroede canal sell clothing. Buyers are not only tourists but also locals, who come from all suburbs of the city. In fact, we see the very center of a small town. As it is known, motorists are not in favor in the Netherlands, so they have, for the most part, bicycle traffic there.